How Do Beautiful Women Deal With Hundreds of Unwanted Messages and Proposals?

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It is not a secret that everyone wants to look good. Good looks can help you achieve a lot of things and, most importantly, it can help you feel better in your skin. However, for a woman, it is sometimes difficult to handle all of the attention that she receives due to the fact that she looks beautiful. Especially during the internet era, when people are free to find other people so easily, handling all of the unwanted attention is a real challenge.

This attention can be represented by messages, but there are also a lot of weird proposals that beautiful women receive on a regular basis. In order to understand better how they manage to cope with this, we have discussed all of this with two Birmingham escorts. Keep reading and find out what Jessica and Anna had to say about their ways of dealing with all of the attention that they receive from men!

This is how Birmingham escorts handle unwanted attention: “You have to stay classy”

Being beautiful comes with a lot of perks, but it also brings challenges into the life of any woman. If a woman looks good, the first challenge that she has to face is keeping those looks for as long as possible. This involves having a healthy lifestyle and taking great care of her body. Also, being beautiful can open important doors, when it comes to the professional life of any woman.

We have discussed with two Birmingham escorts how they manage the attention and proposals that they receive, due to the fact that they look very good and interact with a lot of people, especially men. Here is what Jessica and Anna told us about their strategies.

“I do receive a lot of messages. People who like the way I look send me a lot of messages on social media, but I have to admit that my plan is to ignore them. These kinds of messages usually go into the Requests section and I don’t really check that whenever I am on Instagram or Facebook.

I think it is the healthiest thing that a beautiful woman can do because the energy that some of these messages pass to me is not really a positive one. I would rather stick to what I have to do in real life and ignore what is on the Internet. If the people who I interact with make comments about my looks or get flirty, I can decide if I play into it or just ignore it in a very elegant way”, says Jessica.

Anna is another Birmingham escort who we have talked to and she went even further with the description of the unwanted attention that she receives.

“I had the ‘honor’ to be proposed to by some of the men that I interacted with at my job. Like literally proposed to, as in asked to marry a guy. It is flattering, but at the same time, it is a difficult position to be put in. I have mastered the art of staying classy while saying ‘no’. It is very important to know how to decline proposals.


“The same goes for other initiatives, such as being invited to go have dinner or other kinds of dates. Just say no, but do not be too cocky about it.”, Anna told us.

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